Thursday, February 24, 2011

Volunteer Fire Fighters

Did you know Canada.. I saw a Duracell ad the other day that told me 70% of firefighters in Canada are volunteers!  I had no idea!  We live in a smaller town and I've seen multiple trucks with volunteer fire fighter stickers or licence plates on them, but had no idea that number was so high.

Not just anyone can be a volunteer fireman.  You need to apply, take written aptitude test and a physical agility test, go through an interview process, complete a medical evaluation and complete and training program.  Then there are often weekly practices or drills and helping maintain equipment.

Most volunteer fire fighters get no compensation for their time and effort.  They are looking at offering Volunteer fire fighters a tax break in Canada.

This is a surprising number to me and I am very grateful for these people willing to volunteer so much time and effort to save lives.

Source: Firehall, Fire Fighting in Canada, CVFSA

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