Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carving our pumpkin with #GLADgruesome

Did you know Canada..  Halloween is next week!  They boys are so excited, we have candy coming out our ears, costumes are ready and tried on (and tried on again and again), we can't wait!

One of the best things about Halloween around here is picking, displaying and craving pumpkins!

This year we set out to carve our big pumpkin a little early, the boys insisted it needed a bat on it, so hubby searched around the web and free handed this cool design!

We had a lot of fun craving pumpkins with Lucas, his first Halloween!  Yay!

To store the pumpkin "guts" we are doing a fun challenge with GLAD - we have stored the pumpkin insides in a GLAD® compostable bag, in a small trash can and the lid in closed.  We will check back in a few days to see what's happened - is it stinky? did the trash can get all gross? I'm excited to find out.  One thing I can tell you, is that after we closed it up I forgot to get a picture, so I opened the lid and wheeew! The still fresh pumpkin smell was in my face, I couldn't believe how well the bag was containing the smell, you couldn't smell a thing before opening the lid.

Stay tuned for the results of our experiment!

When do you carve your pumpkins??


  1. Alas, Gord and I are anti-Halloween. Yes, we are the meanies who aren't home when the kids come trick or treating.


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