Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Mommy of all Baby Events #PGMom

Did you know Canada..  we have great news for all our busy Moms - to make shopping even more convenient, Loblaw is launching a new program perfect for moms – The Mommy of all Baby Events.

From October 10 –24, Loblaw stores will offer fabulous promotions and events from cooking classes, dietitian demos, special sales and fun contests. Check out your local Loblaw store to find out more, or go to! Also available at Dominion stores in Newfoundland & Labrador only.

With 3 kiddos it's a little (okay REALLY) hard to shop every week, but in the 8 months since Lucas has come along I've stepped up my game and here's how we get through a shop and even have fun (sometimes)!

  • Make a list! Don't even kid yourself into thinking you'll remember everything, because otherwise you will end up in tears later realizing you forgot something important and the thought of going back out it just too much ( not that this has ever happened to me ;) ).
  • Even better, have that list on your phone!  I love the Out of Milk app - I can add to my list any time since I always have my phone with me, I can share the list with my husband, check things off as I buy them and I never forget my phone, so I know I'll always have the list with me.
  • Have a plan with the kids, if you know it's going to take forever, tell them!  Be up front about if you are running in for 2 items or if it's the BIG shop, I find the kids do better when they know what to expect.
  • Bring hubby if you can - he can take the kids to LOOK at the toys if they are rowdy, he can carry heavy stuff, maybe you can even stop for a quick treat on the way home for a job well done.
  • When the boys were really little we sometimes got a cheap hot wheels car as a treat at the end of the shop to keep the peace, sometimes a little peace is worth a dollar.

The kids and I will be hitting the our local Loblaw's store this week for sure - looking forward to stocking up on baby food, pampers, and checking out the demos!

Do you have a shopping tip for Mom??

I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive 
products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

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