Friday, October 26, 2012

Cityville Monopoly

Did you know Canada..  I am one of those people that like all those little games on Facebook, including Cityville.  Have you tried Cityville yet?  Well, if you're a fan, I have some fun news for you, there is now a Cityville Monopoly game from Hasbro!

Similar to the original Monopoly, but with some fun twists!  You still have the familiar Go - collect $200, Free Parking and Jail, but instead just building houses, you are building houses, businesses, community buildings and skyscrappers!  You're also building businesses like a Toy Shop and Flower Store and a new fun feature - Gifts!  Gifts are decorations for your property that increase the value, you get to gift decorations to a friend as well.

Easy to set up, fun both for those familiar with Cityville and new players alike.  It's different enough from the original Monopoly that it's worth getting, this would be a fun game during Christmas break!

We've been playing it as a family and really enjoyed it, hubby and I play while the kids help.  They love counting out the money and moving the pieces around.  I was really happy with the quality of the movers, they are heavy and solid so they don't go flying every time someone touches the board or rolls the dice.  Same with the housing pieces, they fit together as they should and stay solid.

Easy to set up and count out money, everyone gets 3 of each bill value, I LOVE that feature, set up in Monopoly has been a bit of the pain in the past.

Overall a fantastic game, I really recommend picking this one up, maybe challenge a few friends on New Years Eve!  :-)

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