Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Healthy Eating with Lydia Knorr

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Representative Faniya has some great news..

This week I am going to meet Lydia Knorr, mom of three girls, Registered Dietitian and Yoplait spokesperson who is going to give us some expert tips to help families get back into healthy routine, that is so important but so hard to stick to especially on fall (season changes, Back-To-School, holidays preparations)

So here are some quick tips on maintaining a healthy routine from Lydia Knorr I learned so far:

•Eat breakfast every day to keep energized and fuelled for the entire day
•Plan meals ahead by creating a weekly menu that makes shopping and nutrition a breeze
•Create a wall calendar with appointments, chores and extracurricular activities all consolidated in one space

And I am excited to learn more about healthy eating and share with you later on Did you know Canada?


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