Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween with Hallmark Canada

Did you know Canada..  it's just over 2 weeks until Halloween!!  Time to push those Christmas decorations aside and pull out the scary, spooky Halloween decorations.  Thankfully Hallmark Canada has the best decorations you can go pick up today!  Check out how we have been decorating thanks to Hallmark Canada..

We received these Halloween themed decorations..

And added them around the house..

We all love the Ghostly Singing Duo, perfect for a fun Halloween decoration with their trick-or-treat parody of "The Addams Family" theme song, we have been playing this non-stop.  I love that they have the button up on the arm to start the song so we can reach it easily. (Great deal alert, these guys are regularly $32.95, but are available for $15.95 with the purchase of 3 Hallmark cards!)

One of my guys absolutely loves this My Pet Ghost, he carries it around everywhere.  Press the button on the top a cute ghost in your jar appears and he has a few different things to say.  We have Maxwell McSpooky, a curious ghost in a mad scientist's lab.  "Handle with scare" as the jar says ;-)

We have been having lots of fun with this witch hat as well.  Hang it up and when someone walks by it cackles, says Happy Halloween in a witchy voice and a spooky green witch face appears below.  We have it right next to our front door so we have been scaring visitors for days. :-)

With the quality of Hallmark products we will be able to enjoy these decorations for years to come, it's so fun!!  Be sure to check out your local Hallmark stores for these and other fun Halloween decorations!!

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