Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to School with Crayola

Did you know Canada..  now that we are a few weeks in to school, we know what the kids REALLY need at school and Crayola has you covered with their Back to School must haves.

A must have in this house was whiteboard tools.  When I went to school it was all dusty chalk boards, but now it's all about whiteboards!  Heading into Grade 1 my guys had to have their own dry erase markers as part of their supplies.  Crayola has a big selection of dry erase products..

Dry Erase Washable Broad Line Markers - Bright, bold, Crayola coloured dry-erase markers wash right out of clothes and easily wipe off of dry-erase surfaces leaving parents with little clean-up.

Dry Erase Broad Line Markers - Low odour dry erase markers from Crayola are perfect for students, teachers, and all members of the classroom. Suitable for everyday use on all standard whiteboard surfaces.

Dry Erase Fine Line Markers - For smooth, fine line writing, Crayola Dry Erase markers deliver bold colours and low odour. Squeak-free and easy to erase, the extended ventilated cap is safety designed for use by children.

Dry Erase Crayons, Original or Brights - Ideal for use on white or dark dry-erase surfaces, these large-size washable crayons provide a punch of non-messy colour. Includes a crayon sharpener and an E-Z erase cloth.

Dry Erase Coloured Pencils - These pencils’ unique formula give kids the chance to write and erase on dry-erase surfaces, just like paper. Trace designs, practice lettering, create images and perfect fine details and shading. Sharpener included.

We tried out the dry erase crayons - every day after school the boys and I work on their word list for the week by practicing the words on their white board.  We love it because we can easily practice lots of words without wasting paper, we can do it in the middle of the floor without needing a table or book under the paper, and easy clean up!  I was really happy to learn about dry erase crayons, I didn't even know they existed, but they are perfect for Grade 1'ers hands to write easily with and the boys love the colours.

Do your kids use dry erase products at school too?

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