Thursday, September 26, 2013

PlaSmart - Stomp Rocket

Did you know Canada..  we have had tons of fun this summer checking out PlaSmart's Stomp Rocket!

With no batteries or fuel required this air powered rocket is the perfect activity to bring to the park, beach, friends house or even just out into the backyard.  Think about where you are before you stomp too hard though, the Stomp Rocket Super High Performance can get up to 400 feet!

There's also Stomp Rocket Ultra soaring up to 200 feet and Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow going up to 100 feet - lots of options for every age range and space range.

Easy to set up, the Stomp Rocket Super High Performance came with 6 rockets, stand, air hose and launch pad, that's all you need for an afternoon of fun!

We brought ours to a pool party this summer and the boys and their uncles had fun seeing who could launch the rockets the highest.  It also led to some interesting discussions about how it worked, why a harder stomp made it fly higher, why it needed to be straight up and down on the stand - I think the boys learned a lot!  Everyone was also really pleased it came with 6 rockets, so you could launch them one after another without having to chase the rockets down where they land.

Not just for summer though, Stomp Rockets are a great outdoor activity for this fall too.  If the grass is too wet to play on, take it to a big empty parking lot and have fun with it there!

Canadian company PlaSmart has a host of smart, innovative and amazing toys - stay up to date with them on Facebook, Twitter and on the web.

Enter below for your chance to win a PlaSmart Stomp Rocket, the whole family will love it!  Good luck Canada!

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