Monday, November 4, 2013

Apricot Collection

Did you know Canada..  Ontario based Apricot Collection is a unique online women's clothing store that specialized in fashionable and stylish clothes for moms.  I've really enjoyed chatting with founder Michelle Herscu, who, just after having her second child is 2012 realized that no matter what, she won’t be able to get her pre-pregnancies body back, and she actually liked her additional curves. Problem was – finding styles that actually looked good on her (and not just on the model from the ad), complimented, and were stylish and fashionable.  Michelle decided to create an online women’s clothing store (targeted towards moms in particular).

Apricot Collection features the brand Allistyle in their Plus Size section, Allistyle was the created by Alli Shapiro and her mother Pam Shainhouse. Alli unfortunately passed away in July 2006 from Hodgkin's Lymphoma which she had been suffering from since 1999 which had left her experiencing bouts of weight gain and loss which often left her in tears when she shopped for clothing.

Pam continued their vision to create a collection, Allistyle is completely made in Canada, even the fabric.  The fabric is sustainable, with the use of viscose from bamboo and organic cotton. The characteristics of the line are simplicity, comfort, sophistication, travel friendly and classic. Allistyle does not advocate large shapeless dressing, but clothing that hugs your curves providing the woman with a gorgeous silhouette.

Allistyle is a social enterprise where a percentage of net proceeds will support Alli’s Journey, a registered charity which supports young adults with cancer. Two of the initiatives orchestrated by Alli’s Journey are the Comfort Rooms in hospitals and the Comfort Bags. The bags are distributed free of charge to all young adults with cancer, ages 18 to 35. The comfort room, a first of its kind in Canada opened at Wellspring, on the Sunnybrook campus in 2011. These are a sanctuary for young adults where they can find some respite during their struggle. Special programs run in this room that help them get through this challenging battle.

I received Allistyle's Sweater Dress - a long, straight cardigan with great pockets and ruffles, it looks cute buttoned and unbuttoned.  I've really been enjoying this as it can help dress me up no matter what I am wearing or what the kids have done to me that day.  As I work from home but often run into the office for meetings this is a perfect accessory to have!  You'll never find a wrinkle is this cardigan either, it keeps its shape well, is very comfortable and I love the deep pockets - Mom's can never have enough pockets can we!

This soft, comfortable and best of all, usable piece, would make a beautiful Christmas present for any special Mom in your life!

Visit Apricot Collection to view this and even more beautiful pieces - enjoy free shipping across Canada and secure payment by PayPal!  We have a fun treat for our readers as well, to help a special someone with their holiday shopping, we have a $25 Apricot Collection gift card to giveaway, enter below for your chance to win!

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