Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Playskool Elefun

Did you know Canada..  baby Lucas LOVES toys!  He, just like his big bros, especially loves toys that include balls.  I find those toys so versatile as he loves to rub the ball in his mouth, chase after it while crawling, and play with the big toy too.  We have been loving the Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper!

The balls pop out of the trunk and roll around, we love that it comes with 5 balls in case a sneaky one hides under the table, plus Lucas always likes to hold at least one while he plays.  We also love that it plays 10 fun tunes, which Mom and Dad especially love as sooooometimes hearing the same song over and over can get a little irritating, but this breaks it up nice and it lots of fun.  The base is stable which is perfect for little ones that pull up on everything.  Store the balls in the elephant's tummy, which makes it perfect to bring to Gramma's house or on a play date.  We've had a lot of fun with this and it would be a great present for a little one's first Christmas, even if they are not crawling yet it's a great gift idea they will grow into and enjoy playing with the balls for now.

Another great Elefun toy Lucas has been having fun with is the Playskool Learnimals ABC Adventure Elefun Toy.  This toy packs an educational punch with 100 words introduced and 75 sound effects, and the screen is amazing!  This is not a screen toy of old, it's like watching a tv!  When you pull down the elephant's trunk the toy will say the word that goes with the light up image shown. Then when you rolls the drum, it will say another word! Pulling down the mouse shows shapes and colors, it's really impressive!   Playskool Learnimals ABC Adventure Elefun Toy is a Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winning toy and you can see why!  It's also Lucas approved, he's been very interested in the screen and he even tries out some of the letter sounds which is a so fun to hear.  Another great gift idea from Hasbro Canada!

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