Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Did you know Canada..  Mommy owned and Canadian Made Skights are Lil' tights made for our lil' dudes!  These cute and comfortable tights have a stay-put design to help keep them in place and trust me, if they stay up on this busy bee they will stay up on any little man.

We have been loving these for the cold days and nights we've been having (which are only going to get worse before they get better!).  I love having these tights on Lucas when holding him at school pick up for his big bros and holding him at the bros hockey games.  I bet if you have a little man you also spend more time trying to pull down their pant legs that keep riding up than anything else.  With Lil' tights by Skights you don't have to worry about pant legs riding up because you little ones feet, ankles and legs are still cozy warm and protected!

They also have padded knees for our busy crawlers, we often put them and a body suit on Lucas after a bath for him to play around his room in before jammie time.

Great idea for little ones stocking this Holiday Season, at only $14.99 a pair (and save 10% when ordering 3 or more) these are a perfect little surprise for the holidays!  Coming in 6 sweet colours you can match to any outfit or add a pop of colour.

Visit Skights to get your Holiday order in now and stay up to date with them on Twitter and Facebook!

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