Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Greet each season with new Loose Button’s Luxe Box

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Rep Faniya has some info for us on the new Loose Button Luxe Box membership..

At the end of May I was invited to attend Loose Button Press Release night.  After being at all these incredible events hosted by Loose Button I was sure to hear and learn something exciting dedicated to the beauty world.  And I was not disappointed, in opposite I had a feeling that Loose Button is truly passionate about its work and all new changes intended only to give the ladies better service and experience.

So here are highlights of Loose Button’s new program and features Did you know Canada? was one of the first to learn about.

On June 8, Loose Button introduced a new invitation only beauty membership program and first update is that the Luxe Box got a new role of reflecting seasonal waves which means instead of Monthly beauty box, subscribers are going to receive 7 -8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle products every 3 months. This gives LB members the opportunity to try and discover which products work the best for them. Another amazing feature incorporated by Loose Button into the new program is that besides providing with the latest beauty products LB subscribers also get access to product tutorials, tips and tricks on how to use the luxury from the Luxe Box before the season knocks the doors.

Have to mention that new LB membership also includes invites to exclusive events, product launches and sneak-peeks.

As for financial part, prices for membership right now $26 per quarter, $50 semi-annually and $96 annual.  Existing members can upgrade their membership for free plus receive their first fall seasonal box for free (no June Luxe Box).  Another option for existing members without upgrade is to receive the June Luxe Box and sign up later. New membership as I mentioned is by invitation only. So please check Loose Button Support Centre for more information regarding upgrades, new membership and other questions

At the same time stay tuned for more good news at Did you know Canada?

About Loose Button
Loose Button’s mission is to help consumers discover, try and purchase quality beauty products through a unique shopping experience. Their Membership offers an exciting experience, allowing members to discover the best beauty and lifestyle products in the comfort of their own home. Members of this plan receive 7 to 8 trial-size beauty and lifestyle products in a chic box, delivered to an address of their choice, every season.

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