Friday, June 22, 2012

Recipe Round Up 06/21

Did you know Canada..  It's been another great week at Canadian Moms Cooks with co-author Muli-Testing Mommy. Summer is here and we will be heading out to the grill, making fresh salads and more in the coming weeks.

See what we've been cooking up this week!

Canadian Moms Cook

Let's Chop Veggies Using Proper Grip ~ A video about using the proper grip on a knife for safe and effective chopping!

Homemade Burgers - how do you make your burgers? Here's my recipe, and they always stay together!

Fried Rice - an amazing side dish or even the main dish, this is so good and real comfort food

Fun Food Friday with FunBites ~ A review and giveaway for a super fun food cutting device!

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