Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hallmark Canada for Grads

Did you know Canada.. over the next couple weeks there will be grads celebrating across Canada. Whether it's College and University grads ready for a career, highschool grads ready for big changes, grade school grads looking to their teen years, or the Kindergarden grads facing the big Grade 1.

Hallmark has you covered to celebrate all of these special grads, and we've been checking out a few of their products.

We shared these really cool flip flops with a friend, they are perfect for reminding your grad where they are heading. Great to slip on sore feet after wearing dress shoes for graduations too!

We are using this fun Class of 2012 photo album as a teachers gift. I snuck some great photos of the kids with their awesome teacher on class trips and I know she is going to love saving these pictures as a great reminder of a fun year.

How cool is the Moo-lah money and giftcard holder? a favourite gift of grads everywhere, whether it's for school clothes for next year, or to save towards a new laptop or maybe even a new car, this cute cow (and the cash!) will put a smile on any grads face.

Do you have any grads you are celebrating this year??

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