Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Canada!

Did you know Canada..  Tundra Books has a fabulous new book for kids, "Hey Canada!".  Written by Vivien Bowers and illustrated by Milan Pavlovic, this book is filled with facts, history and tales from across Canada.

Alice, nine, and her cousin Cal, eight, are reporting the story from the car as they travel across Canada with Gran.  I love how modern it is as Alice writes blog entries from Gran's netbook and Cal is Tweeting.

They start off in St. John's Newfoundland and drive though every province and territory in Canada ending in Nunavut.

Here's some of the awesome things you will find in this book..

* beautiful illustrations
* photos of Canada like the Cabot Trail, Halifax Harbour, the Terry Fox Statue and more
* fun side notes like rules (#3 is No wildlife in the car.  Except hamsters.)
* interesting facts like that seven-eighths of an iceberg is hidden under the water and Nova Scotia means "New Scotland" in Latin
* "find it's"
* comics
* each province's flower and bird
* maps
* updates on their pet hamster
* poems

Wow, just wow!  Full of fantastic information, presented in such a way that every child (and Mom and Dad) will thoroughly enjoy it, retain it and be able to share it.  It's funny, silly, knowledgeable, beautiful and I just love it.

I am so, so happy to have been able to read this book and share it with my boys.  This will be an amazing tool for school work in the coming years and something we can enjoy as a family as we find out more about our country.  It makes us all want to go on vacation around Canada too!!

You really have to check this one out, and what a great gift it would make for this Canada Day long weekend!

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