Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back-to-School with Visa Canada #BackToSchoolSpend

Did you know Canada..  we've been on a Back-to-School shopping spree!  Have you headed out there yet?  I love seeing the kids excited about getting ready to get back to school, or at least they are excited about new shoes. :-)

According to a July 2012 survey of Canadian online shoppers commissioned by Visa Canada for back-to-school, Canadian consumers are expected to spend just under $700 ($677) on a variety of back-to-school items, but what’s really cool is that 72 per cent of Canadian shoppers plan to take their shopping online!

60% of Canadians say they are finding better prices online and better sales and promotions.

We hit the stores as at the boys young age they really like to be involved in the experience and TOUCH everything.  Plus we needed to try on shoes, we weren't 100% on their size this year.  Here's some of the items we've picked up using a prepaid Visa:

First we started with backpacks, stainless steel water bottles, ice packs and lunch bags, everything last year was pretty icky and just wasn't going to make it another year.  We find we need big lunch bags as the boys have a balanced day schedule and we end up using more containers to split up their food.

Next was new indoor shoes, the boys each need a pair of indoor only shoes and an extra set of clothes that stay at school the entire year.  Make sure they practice getting the shoes on and off before they get shipping off to school though!!

Then, since the boys are in SK and the school supplies things like crayons, glue and paper, we hit up the school snack section.

Where are you shopping this year?  Finding any good deals?  If you're shopping online make sure you're shopping securely, Visa Canada can help make the online shopping experience a little easier for Visa cardholders.  By visiting, shoppers can find coupons and special offers at merchants like Adidas, Lenovo and Scholar’s Choice. Plus, shoppers can breathe easy knowing that they’re protected through Visa’s layered approach to security and fraud prevention, including Verified by Visa (VbV), Zero Liability and E-Promise.

We also picked up some new clothes, it's hard to imagine the boys will be back in pants, socks and jackets soon.  Visa's survey found clothing is considered the most important item when getting ready for the new school year (43 per cent), with books trailing behind (26 per cent) and computers and computer-related items at 17 per cent.  I find, especially at this age, that with the season change clothing is the most important item you have to keep up on.  Not only did we get new shoes but we also got new rubber boots and will soon be shopping for new winter boots as well, these kids just won't stop growing! ;-)

We are so excited to help you get ready for back to school too with a $50 prepaid Visa!  Enter below for your chance to win and Good Luck Canada!

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