Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby: Cloud B

Did you know Canada..  we're starting a new series here, Getting Ready For Baby!  As we get ready for our little one we are looking for as many Canadian products and products easily available to Canadians as possible.  Have a Canadian tip or product to share?  Email us at didyouknowcanada@gmail.com

First up is something I wish I had when my twins were little - a Cloud B Tranquil Turtle.  This sweet turtle projects a magical underwaterlight effect throughout the room, it also plays 2 soothing sounds: Tranquil Melody & Ocean Waves.

It comes with easy to use buttons, I was very happy that it included batteries (the bane of every parent's existence), many options like music, volume, and brightness.

It automatically turns off after 23 minutes which I think it a perfect amount of time, we have had other night time lights that turn off after only 10, not enough time for your little one to fall asleep.  This means you don't need to disturb your little one by having to enter to room to turn it off later, or forgetting and wasting the batteries.

Perfect for soothing newborns and mesmerizing toddlers, this is a useful addition to any room for years and years.

I love that Cloud B is dedicated to helping children of all ages sleep better.  It's something that the kids need to grow and something Mom's and Dad's need to survive.

We can't wait to use this with our coming little one, and until then the big brothers have been enjoying it some nights as well.  :-)  The ocean theme is perfect to come up with imaginative story lines, it's hilarious the pirate and shark stories the boys have come with up using our waves as part of the story.  Which just proves that the Tranquil Turtle is perfect for such a huge age range and a great buy that will last years to come!

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