Monday, August 6, 2012

What's Your Burger Personality?

Did you know Canada.. Canadian Beef wants to know, What's Your Burger Personality?

The Hot and Spicy

Are you Hot & Spicy with hot sauce, hot peppers and a fire extinguisher on the side?

The Californian

Or are you The Californian, with avacado, cirtus mayo and a fancy bun?

The Old School

I'm Old School, I like mustard and onions, maybe a little bit of ketchup. This has been my burger topping of choice since I was a kid.

It's so funny to go to a burger place and place and order for me and hubby, I'm a two topping girl and then when hubby's burger comes up he gets every topping they offer (except relish). I always get nervous when ordering his burgers, thinking I will forget something..haha..  And then the kids, they are plain all the way, and everyone always says, plain?  are you sure??  haha.. very sure.  They do like ketchup on the side but even mention mustard to them and you'd think they've been poisoned!

Head over to the Canadian Beef Facebook Page, and find out what your Burger Personality is!

We have some exciting news as well! Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7th at 7pm EST join the #LoveCDNBeef Twitter party hosted by @CanadianBeef and @ShesConnected!

RSVP on the Canadian Beef Facebook Page, join the party, and you could win a $500 Burger Prize Pack!!!!

See you there and Good Luck!!

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