Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmers Feed Cities

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Rep Faniya attended a Farmers Feed Cities event, see how it went..

Last month we had a chance to attend one of Farmers Feed Cities events - Fresh from the Field at Riverdale Farm, a real farm in downtown Toronto with cows, pigs, goats, horses and chicks.  
Farmers Feed Cities promotes and educates how farmers grow food for families to ensure a healthy, natural and fresh food comes to our tables every day.  It was exciting to meet Ontario farmers from different areas during the event and listen to their passionate stories and some interesting facts about farming these days.  

So here are the farmers we met:  pig farmer Stewart from Stonaleen Farms, Jacob from Roger and Lorrie Pelissero Farms, beef farmer Katelyn from Vintage Herefords, dairy farmer Dennis and vegetable farmer Jason from Carron Farms.

Then we walked through Riverdale Farm with our farming experts, learning new things and asking some questions. Teddy was very interested in the farm animals running from one spot to another.  My boy also met Oprah, the Farm Animal Care Specialist. She was riding her tractor and greeting kids and parents ready to ask her any farming questions.

So here some facts we learned:
  • ·        1 Ontario farm grows enough food for 120 people each year
  • ·        A hen lays about 1 egg per day
  • ·        Eating a high protein breakfast including eggs can increase concentration levels
  • ·        A child (1 to 8 Yrs old) can get over 80% of the recommended daily amount of DHA by eating one omega-3 egg
  • ·        Ontario raises the most chickens
  • ·        The average dairy cow produces about 30 liters of milk daily. That’s over 120 glasses of milk.

After our tour we had an incredible bagel pizza lunch with some fresh produce from farm fields.  Teddy was very involved in making pizzas and adding the toppings.  Then our pizzas were baked in the outdoor oven. Delicious and tasty – could not find other words.

At the end of the event we visited a farm barn filled with kid’s activities, Virtual Farm Tours and hay to the roof.  

So it was nice day spent at Riverdale Farm with farmers, Teddy learned so many things there.

Now he proudly shows his stickers “Farmers Feed Cities” to teachers and neighbours. 


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