Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter ideas from Hallmark Canada

Did you know Canada..  Easter is sneaking up quick this year, but Hallmark has you covered with some cute ideas, see what we've been trying out..

Thumpin' Thumper (only $14.95 with a 3 card purchase!) - super cute, he thumps his foot and has 3 different sayings, what a great segue into introducing the kids to Bambi as well.  The boys have been enjoying this guy, he is their new in bed friend :-)

Squakin' Egg Droppin' Hen ($15.95 with a 3 card purchase) - we got this fun gal last year, she is HILARIOUS, when turning on the hen bounces up and down, sings a funny song and lays actual Easter eggs, we all this is so funny, great treat for the whole family.

New Mason Interactive Story Buddy and Mason's New Friends Interactive Storybook 2.0 ($34.95, $9.95 for additional books) - a sweet gift for a little one in your life, Mason is a really cute teddy bear who responds when you read his story book, all 3 of my boys have been enjoying listening to this and it's been great for working on my old boys reading skills.

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