Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Ideas from Hasbro Canada

Did you know Canada..  around here we try to make Easter less about chocolate and candy (though the bunny does leave a few treats) but we would rather provide the boys with a few fun items that can be enjoyed much longer than a few bites.

Hasbro Canada has some fantastic ideas for the bunny to bring, promoting imaginative play, busy minds and lots of fun.  Check out a few items we've been enjoying..

Nerf guns, a spring item for every little one, even I remember receiving a Nerf gun at Easter!  How cute is this, the boys grabbed our empty diaper boxes and made a target in the basement to play with!  Easy enough for little hands, packs a punch but thankfully not enough to start any tears, my guys have been having so much fun with the NERF N-STRIKE JOLT Blaster, NERF N-STRIKE REFLEX IX-1 Blaster and NERF N-STRIKE ELITE TRIAD EX-3 Blaster.  Don't forget to sneak a little water gum in there either like the NERF SUPER SOAKER MICROBURST Blaster, you can never have too many, and the warm weather has to be right around the corner, right?!

For any and every gift occasion  we always include the favourite - Angry Birds!  I love the little ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS Mystery Bags, it's a present within a present and a great size to add to a gift basket, hide for Easter, place on top of another present for an extra treat, the boys love them!

Some more items that are the perfect size to create a fun Easter basket for any little man in your life..
MARVEL ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 3.75" Figure Assortment (my guys loved the spider that came with ours, a fun pack!)
MARVEL IRON MAN 3.75" All Star Action Figure Assortment (I bet you've seen the commercials for the new one! So exciting)
BEYBLADE METAL FURY HYPERBLADES Deluxe Battle Top Assortment (are the kids crazy about these at your guys school too?)
G.I. JOE Series 1 MICRO FORCE Mystery Bag (so popular right now, and a great gift idea as they are so new, stay tuned for more info on G.I. JOE products from Hasbro!)

What are you putting in the Easter Basket?

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