Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Something Started in 2013 with DK Canada

Did you know Canada..  We are halfway through month one of 2013, how's it going??

Still working on those resolutions?  Got any projects started yet?  I hope no one has stalled out!

With a new baby on the way in the next TWO weeks, I will have to wait to start on any fitness goals and I'm just eating whatever isn't going to give me heart burn that day.  But one thing I was able to start was pulling out old hobbies and putting them to use.

Did you use to play guitar, knit, sew, wood work or garden but life got busy and your hobby got pushed to the way side?  For me it was beading.  My sister-in-law and I took beading classes at Michaels craft store, had lots of supplies, ordered special pieces and were actually pretty good at it. That was FIVE years ago!!  Then I got married, had twins, and well, the rest was history, but I kept everything and just this past weekend pulled it all out and read through DK Canada's book Beaded Jewelry.

Full of STUNNING photos in gorgeous colours, this book offers preparation info, techniques, projects and inspiration.  It's been perfect for me as I already knew most of these techniques but needed some definite refreshers and the photos were SO helpful.

If it's time for you to pull out an old hobby or start a new one, DK Canada can help Get Something Started in 2013 with their awesome selection of books on fitness, crafts, skills and more, all full of beautiful visual inspiration and at amazing prices!

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