Monday, January 7, 2013

Golfing in Canada

Did you know Canada..  do you have any golfers in the family?  Anyone get a new club for Christmas?

We have a few golfers in our family, and I remember when I was very little, 7 or 8, we had one of those very warm Decembers, like we just experienced again this year in Southwestern Ontario.  Well, my Grampa's Birthday was December 26th, and it was so warm that year, the local golf course decided to open and my Dad took my Grampa for a round of golf for his Birthday!  It was a funny day, and talked about for years and years afterwards, I'm guessing it was one of the most memorable Birthday's my Grampa had.  :-)

Courses like Ottawa golf at Loch March offer quality, service and facilities of the exclusively private clubs wrapped in a resort atmosphere, but are exclusively public!  What a great place to hit this spring when the courses are open again (I checked the weather is Ottawa, it is NOT open right now, they have quiet a bit of snow..haha..).

Even with our winter and unpredictable weather, golfing is a huge sport and past time in Canada. In fact, the game of golf is played by an estimated 6 million Canadians each year, with 2.5 million Canadians participating as core golfers, playing an average of 28 rounds per year.  And get this:  Based on participation, golf is the number one recreational activity in Canada, played by more Canadians than hockey!!

Are you a golf fan?  Would a round of golf on your Birthday be a perfect day, just like it was all those years ago for my Grampa?

Source:  Golf Participation in Canada, 2006 Edition – Ipsos Reid, Statistics Canada, Based on a study of Participation in Sports, The Daily, issued Thursday, February 7, 2008.

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