Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snack Pack #NoTradesies

Did you know Canada..  I don't know about you, but I was happy to see the kiddos back to school this week.  We only go every other day so we get lots of together time but the break is also good for all of us.  One thing I *really* don't like about school though - lunch!

No matter what awesome lunch I make, or what terrible leftovers they get on a Friday, they hardly ever eat ANY of it!  So I was so excited to be part of the Snack Pack “No Tradesies” Blog Tour, and try to bring some fun back into lunch time!

We did a few taste tests to ensure this lunch was good to go.  First we made sandwiches with really fun Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters.  I always wanted to get these but never ended up happening.  So glad to have them now because it made a huge difference to the boys!  We cut off the crusts anyways, so there was no loss of sandwhich, and now every time we make a sandwich they get to pick which shape they want - love to see them involved in the process!

Next we tried some Snack Pack's, this guys fav was the dessert flavour - Ice Cream Sandwich!  Not only spoonable, snackable and portably delicious, Snack Pack pudding is made with skim milk and have no preservatives or trans-fats - perfect for our kiddos!  We also tried the Lemon Meringue Pie and Vanilla, all tasty.  He loved using the smiley face spoon we received, much better than the plastic spoons I often sent to school - now Mom knows better!  Make sure you follow Snack Pack on Facebook for new flavours and awesome lunch tips and ideas!

We also received a mini portable travel speaker that works so well!  Mom and Dad have their eye on this one..haha..  I think this will be perfect in the summer at the beach and park.  We also love the cooler bag and leak-proof, compartmentalized food containers - my guys hate it when one food touches another, so these are perfect for keeping food separate  and keeping things like damp grapes and strawberries away from a dry sandwich or crackers.

We got some great tips from Snack Pack on how to make the best "No Tradesies" lunch too..
  • * Can’t get your kids to eat their fruit? Adding Snack Pack to the mix turns fruit into a tasty, dip-able adventure. Try the Caramel Apple, all it takes is some apple slices and a Toffee Caramel pudding
  • * Sandwich Shape-up: Even a favourite sandwich can seem boring and routine when it shows up in the lunchbox day after day. Keep things interesting and kids engaged by breaking out the cookie cutters and cutting the sandwiches into fun shapes.
  • * Kebab it up: skewering some bite-sized veggies on a kebab with a side of veggie dip is a different and fun way to make sure veggies are not coming home at the end of the day.
  • * Utensils are key: let your kids pick out their utensils, napkins and lunchboxes. They definitely won’t be reaching for the aluminum, and giving them a say means they will take pride in their lunch pack. Have bright, colourful spoons on hand so kids can choose whether it’s a yellow, blue or orange kind of day!
Thanks to Snack Pack lunch has been a much better experience for everyone this week and I'm more confident in providing my guys with fun and healthy meals!

We are so excited to share a Snack Pack “No Tradesies” prize pack with one of our Canadians readers! The prize pack contains two delicious flavours of Snack Pack pudding, Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters, Happy Spoons, a mini portable travel speaker and a tote-able lunch bag consisting of a cooler bag and four leak-proof, compartmentalized food container, a $50 value.

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Snack Pack “No Tradesies” blog tour by enCompass Media on behalf of Con Agra Foods. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.

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