Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Did you know Canada..  a couple weeks ago we surprised the boys with a trip to Cambridge Ontario to visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (I had gotten a great WagJag deal) and then to Chuck E Cheese after.

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is a small but very beautiful tropical garden with over 1000 free-flying butterflies.  There is also a couple staff members walking around to answer questions, one had a Vietnamese Walking Stick (bug) with her that creeped me out..haha.. but the boys enjoyed looking at it!

They also have a station with Chrysalides so you can see the different stages of growth as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly!

There are also some really cute birds flying around  and of course the butterflies flying around your head are the main attraction - a great atmosphere.  While not large enough for a full day it was a good hour or so, there is a gift shop and food available on site as well.  For us making a stop at Chuck E Cheese was a great way to end the day before the ride home.


  1. LOVE it! I have always wanted to walk through a butterfly conservatory - it just looks so magical!

  2. I've been to the one near Niagara Falls ... very cool!


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