Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Into Gardening with DK Canada!

Did you know Canada..  with 5 year old boys we have hit a phase where they need to know EVERYTHING.  What everything is called, where it's come from, why it is the way it is.  Thankfully DK Canada has me covered for nature walks now when we are discovering the plant and tree live in bloom.  We have been bringing DK Canada's What's that Tree and What's that Flower with us so we can use the proper names for what we are seeing and learn more about them.

As always, DK Canada's books have the most beautiful pictures and I love that they use real photos, no drawings or sketches.  Everything is explained in easy to understand terms, information is not long and drawn out but given in quick facts.

In What's that Tree? we get information on tree form, growing locations, leaf appearance  sizes and even what a young tree might look like vs an old one.  This has been so much fun to read with the boys and learn plenty myself!  What a fantastic resource for future school projects too!

In What's that Flower? we learn about where flowers grow and why, sizing, colours, shapes, and seasons.  I wish my Grampa was still here for me to give him this book, as an avid gardener he would have loved to read this book end to end.  The boys have enjoyed viewing all the flowers and we even had to make a stop at the store to find some of our favourites to grow in our own garden!

Perfect books to enjoy as a family this spring and an amazing gift for the gardener in your life!  Visit DK Canada's Gardening Boutique to save 30% on all their amazing gardening book!

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