Monday, May 27, 2013

The Red Sands of PEI

Did you know Canada..  we all know about the red sands of PEI (and they are beautiful, trust me, I've been there twice and would go again in a heart beat) but do you know why they are red?

First a little about PEI, it's one of our three Maritime provinces and is the smallest in the nation in land area and in population.  In September 1864, Prince Edward Island hosted the Charlottetown Conference, which was the first meeting in the process leading to the Quebec Resolutions and the creation of Canada in 1867, though PEI did not end up joining right away.  It also, as many of us know, it very popular for it's potato production.  Producing 25% of Canada's potatoes.


Basically the soil is red because it has a lot of rust in it.  The soil has a high iron oxide content, which rusts on exposure to air.  Prince Edward Island was formed a long time ago on sedimentary bedrock of soft, red sandstone, which produces rich, red soil.

It also erodes very easily and PEI often ends up with a lot of red snow from wind storms in the winter season!


  1. I never knew that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Neat! I never knew that. My younger sister and her family just move to PEI (end of April) and I will definitely get out there for a visit some time.

  3. Interesting! We are planning our first trip there is a month. Any hot spots to see?

    1. Yes, so many! Prince Edward Island National Park is a must for the red sand. Green Gables in Cavendish - they have some really cool night walks too! A day in Charlottetown in fantastic, lots of shops, ice cream, things to do. You must eat mussels and lobster, there are some amazing restaurants!

    2. I've been thinking a lot about PEI the last few days..haha.. the PEI Preserve Company is also a must! And the Collage of piping was putting on shows when we were there, they may still do that!

  4. The only place I've been in Spud Isle is Charlottetown ... in and out to do do client seminars.

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