Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Xyla® Xylitol Products Review - Eating Sweet Without Guilt

Did you know Canada..  How much do you know about Xyla® xylitol? It is interesting that I used it for almost two years.  But only recently did I have an opportunity to learn much more about its background and benefits. Xyla® 100% natural xylitol is a white crystalline granule that looks and tastes like sugar.  It is made from hardwood trees exclusively in North America, great to know that Xyla® xylitol has been approved by Health Canada and produced under the highest manufacturing standards.

When I was first introduced to xylitol by a family member, the explanation was simple it is sugar just produced differently and the final convincing point mentioned was that it is used by people with diabetes. I remember how my uncle suffered from diabetes and had to follow a strict diet a long time ago. Now my mom-in-law continues to call xylitol “Healthy Sugar” and there are many reasons why.  

“Xyla® is a healthy sugar alternative,” says Julie Reid, Director of Sales, Xylitol Canada.  “It has an enormous list of benefits and can be used everywhere sugar is used: in our coffee, jams, pies and cakes and has been used in Europe and many other countries for years.”  Xyla® has 40% less calories than sugar and 75% less carbohydrates, so it’s slowly metabolized.  I learned that xylitol has multiple benefits including maintaining hormonal balance, reducing hot flashes, symptoms of PMS and depression; it also inhibits harmful yeast and prevents osteoporosis and middle-ear infections. If you love sweets, you should definitely switch to Xyla® as it contributes significantly to oral health by preventing plaque and dental cavities.  

I use Xyla® xylitol (I buy a 1lb bag) mostly for preparing hot cereal in the morning. So when I received my gift box which included 2 lb. canister, box of 100 sachets and candies, I was impressed with the varieties of Xyla® xylitol products we have right now on the Canadian market: bags, canisters, box of 100 sachets (great for tea and coffee), Xyla® gum, mints, candy, chocolate, lollipops, jam and various condiments. For my review I started using sachets for my tea and coffee (and I drink quite a lot adding spoons of sugar).  What I first noticed was that I stopped having the after taste I usually have and did not feel any bloating after eating.  I gave grape candies to my family members, and they liked them so much especially when there are so many flavours to choose from: raspberry, watermelon, grape, licorice etc.

It is amazing to find out that celebrities who want to look good, stay in a shape and just be healthy also started switching to xylitol as a healthy sugar alternative, for example Laila Ali adds 1 tablespoon of her go-to sugar substitute, xylitol to her breakfast and fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow uses xylitol in her latest cookbook, It’s All Good (by the way I like her recipe Sweet potato & five-spice muffins).

In Canada Xyla® xylitol can be purchased online http://store.xylitolcanada.com/; at Whole Foods (Xyla® mints); London Drugs, Bulk Barn; Choices Market; and at http://www.xylitolcanada.com/store-listing/

For more information please check Xyla® xylitol web site: http://store.xylitolcanada.com/


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