Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Campground of Canada

Did you know Canada.. we heard about a fantastic website: Campgrounds of Canada. They offer a service to campgrounds and RV parks - for only $2.00 a month they can list their business with Campgrounds of Canada - giving people a 1 stop shop to find places all over Canada!

I think this is FANTASTIC for so many reasons. I've mentioned we recently went on a camping trip near St. Jacob's in Kitchener ON - this was a great meeting point for our family that is spread around Southern Ontario. So when we planned a camping trip we knew the location we needed but didn't know any campground in the area. It was actually a bit of a painful search and a lot of phone calls to find places; find out the amenities, what was available in the area, etc.. Campgrounds of Canada would have been PERFECT for this.

Their goal? To promote camping in Canada by creating a website with all campgrounds and RV parks in Canada - I love it!!!

Click here to see how a full listing looks. Know anyone that works at a campground or RV park? Spread the word!! This is a very exciting up and coming site that I know a lot of campers will love.

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