Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wholesale Costume Club

Did you know Canada.. with Labour Day coming up, school starting back, it getting chilly at night and darker too, you know what's coming soon - Halloween! I've already told hubby to start digging out the fall decorations, any one else??

My boys are very excited about Halloween this year, they really enjoyed it last year, finally not being nervous to run up to peoples doors or hold out their trick-or-treat bags. This year they will be able to have a Halloween party with their class and dress up a bunch of times which will be so fun. We found a fantastic place to order quality Halloween costumes Canada - Wholesale Costume Club!

They have kids Halloween costumes galore!! And with prices in the 16-25 dollar range they can't be beat. Check out one of my little guys in his new Optimus Prime Costume:

Not only did the full body suit fit perfectly which I was happily surprised with but the mask fit well too. He didn't even find putting the mask on to be scary which I had my fingers crossed for. He loved to check out his "muscles" in the mirror..haha

Costumes like this are not just for Halloween, they are perfect for play time - try having your guys dress up in their favourite character and then watch the related TV Show or movie, they can act out all the parts - too cute! Can you even imagine some little girls in the princess costumes? They would never take them off!!

Let us know what you little ones are dressing up as this year!


  1. I love these costumes, and I can not ge tover the prices. I am waiting on the aisina princess to be stocked for Serenity.

  2. I love Halloween - one of my favourite times of year! Last year we hosted a little Halloween Craft party for some little friends - it was so much fun!

  3. My oldest is going to be batman from the costume company, and my youngest will be tigger!! Their costumes are such good quality and comfy too! My middle one hasn't got a new costume yet, but we have some around here from previous years, I will let him choose from.

  4. so cool, we saw a bumblebee transformers costume and my son loved it!

  5. what the heck does this site have to do with Canada?


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