Friday, August 5, 2011

Canadian Invention: IMAX

Did you know Canada.. we invented something very exciting - IMAX!!

Canadians Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw developed the IMAX system in 1968.

IMAX is a motion picture film format and a set of proprietary cinema projection standards, IMAX increases the resolution of the image by using a much larger film frame. IMAX theatre construction also differs significantly from conventional theatres. The increased resolution allows the audience to be much closer to the screen.

‘Avatar: An IMAX 3D Experience’ is the all-time highest grossing IMAX release; the worldwide IMAX box office total for the film climbed to more than $220 million since the movie's launch in December 2009.

Very exciting and a great Canadian invention to be proud of!

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