Thursday, August 18, 2011

Canadian Invention: Oilevator/Slicklicker

Did you know Canada.. the Oilevator (also known as a Slicklicker) is a Canadian invention.

What is it you ask? The Oilevator is a late 1960s invention from Canadian Engineer Richard Sewell a chemist with the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. Using only an inflatable plastic boom, canvas conveyor belt lined with terry cloth to absorb oil and a small motor the Oilevator could lift up to 43,000 gallons of spilled oil a day! In tests is was 95% effective in removing all the oil from a spill.

Selling for around $7,500 this was a cheap and simple solution to a large and costly problem.

Im my research I found an article from Kinship Circle - discussing notes from the Gulf Oil Disaster of 2010. It says in part.. Upon leaving, we bump into Oky Flemming (another name connected with the Oilevator), inventor of the “Oilevator” device that extracts oil below surface levels. He assures us his device is marine-life safe. BP has yet to connect with him, even though below-surface oil removal has no set regimen. Surprising to read that this great invention was not involved in the MANY attempts at cleaning up that spill.

Exciting information on another great Canadian invention!

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  1. Where you do learn of these interesting tidbits of information?! I'm getting so educated through you!


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