Sunday, August 21, 2011

Manitoba Harvest

Did you know Canada.. I recently got the opportunity to try Hemp Hearts from Canadian Company Manitoba Harvest. What the heck are Hemp Hearts some of you might be thinking? From their website.. These tiny Hemp Hearts™ pack a powerful punch of protein, omegas and fiber. Not only are Hemp Hearts easy to incorporate into any meal, they taste delicious too! Did you know Dr. Oz even refers to Hemp Hearts as ‘Brain Food’?

Our hemp hearts are a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food that contains no additives or preservatives! Manitoba Harvest only sources seed that has not been genetically modified.

When I peeked into the bag I wasn't too sure at first - but, they're great!! As suggested we sprinkled them onto our spinach salad and they were fantastic. Just added a little crunch, tiny bit of flavour and a HUGE health benefit. This is awesome!

More great new, from now until Sept 6 all new Manitoba Harvest 'likes' on Facebook will be another $1.00 towards the East African Relief Fund. This is a fantastic Canadian Company to stand behind.

For more information on their other hemp products visit them at

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