Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interview with Karyn Climans

Did you know Canada.. we have always been a big fan of Karyn Climans company Tail Wags Helmet Covers and we were so excited to watch her on the second chances episode of Dragon's Den last night! We have Tail Wags Helmet Covers on our helmets and sounds like a lot of other folks do too, her business has really taken off and she impressed the Dragon's last night!

We were lucky enough to be able to pass on a few questions to Karyn last night about her Dragon's Den experience..

1. I've heard you say the episode was filmed on Easter Sunday, did that add any extra stress to an already stressful situation?
KC: Filming on Easter Sunday was fine. In fact, it gave me a good excuse for not making Easter dinner this year for my family. My sister rose to the occasion and hosted the event. It was lovely following a LONG day at the CBC to spend the evening with family relaxing.

2. What was different from filming this episode than your first episode? I was impressed with how confident you were tonight!
KC: Every experience in front of a camera makes you feel more confident. The first time I was filmed on Dragons Den, I was a nervous wreck. Although I had butterflies in my stomach the second time, I was more self assured.

3. Kevin is nasty in just about every episode, what's he like in person?
KC: Let’s just say Kevin is not someone I would want to sit down and share a glass of wine with. Although some people think it’s just Kevin’s TV persona, I think he’s showing his true colours on the Dragons Den.

4. How stressful was it when the Dragons were not agreeing with your numbers?
KC: The way the episode is edited is always misleading. So even though it appeared I didn’t have a clue about my numbers, there is a lot of information I provided that was cut out of the final segment. That said, I’m the first to admit my weakness is my lack of business accounting skills. My strengths are my creative design abilities and my strong marketing and sales skills.

5. How exciting was it when you received the offer? Did you have any regrets?
KC: I was thrilled to be given an offer by the Dragons for investment in Tail Wags but I am very reluctant to give up 30% of my business. I have not made a final decision yet but I’m leaning towards declining the Dragons offer and arranging for financing through another means that does not require giving up a share of the business.

6. How quickly did the Dragons become involved in your business once you made the deal?
KC: Because I put the deal “on hold” while I explore other options, the Dragons have not been directly involved in the business to date.

7. Where is Tail Wags heading in the future?
KC: I will continue to expand Tail Wags Helmet Covers in to a business selling our adorable helmet covers worldwide. I am also committed to continuing to design and make my products exclusively in Canada. One of the initiatives I am most proud of is our new Tail Wags helmet safety campaign, “Mothers Against Naked Riding”. As you know, my passion is promoting helmet safety so I’m delighted to see our viral video is being viewed around the world.

Thanks so much to Karyn for chatting with us and congratulations again!! Here is the video for Tail Wags helmet safety campaign, “Mothers Against Naked Riding”!


  1. Omigosh. This is so awesome that Karyn was on Dragons Den. I have to catch the episode. :)I feel so honored to have her on my Twitter. :P Hee, hee. :)

  2. That is awesome! I love the add, I stress all the time that we are to wear helmets, and there are too many kids who won't because of the cool factor. Hopefully this can change things!

  3. NOBILove to Karyn & Tail-Wags. We love how cool Tail-Wags Helmet covers can make a boring white bucket COME ALIVE ! Keep it Up Karyn. NOBI Loves you !

  4. Those are super cute! Great interview. Interesting to hear a bit of a scoop on what goes on behind-the-scenes when they make Dragon's Den (of course we figure they cut the conversations to make "good TV", but I also like reading that part -- feels like inside info, haha). I also didn't know how soon after the show someone would typically begin working with them. Interesting stuff.

  5. Is that one of your kiddos asking "Where's your helmet, bro?" Cute video. I'm so proud of you for making a presentation to them that they liked enough to back you! :) Way to go!

  6. Saw her again last night ... so glad she's doing well.

  7. I saw the episode, and think she did really well.


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