Monday, January 30, 2012

Women Deserve Choices - Ontario needs #birthcentres

Did you know Canada.. we are happy to share this guest post with you from Canadian Blogger Little Miss Kate.

Women deserve choices - Choices for where they give birth

Right now in Ontario women are limited to either having a home or hospital birth.

But what about if you are not comfortable with the idea of giving birth at home, but have a normal health pregnancy so there is no reason to be hospitalized for your birth?  What then?

Well women around the world and in other parts of Canada (including Quebec) have another option:  Birth Centres!

Ontario Needs Birth Centres and it is not just me who thinks so! Check out these 2 videos from Birth Centre Supporters:

Ted Corrado, executive chef at the Royal Ontario Museum

and Mike O'Shea, former CFL linebacker

Why we NEED Birth Centres in Ontario:

*Birth Centres will SAVE Ontario money
*Offer optimized care and support for NORMAL births
*The Safety of Birth Centres has been well established throughout the world and even other provinces in Canada
*Ontario is home to 75 midwifery clinics with highly trained staff who are ready to offer this amazing service to mothers across Ontario

Want to learn more visit the Ontario Midwives website or check out  the Ontario Needs Birth Centres Brochure

What can YOU do?  Take action NOW!

Send an e-postcard to let Premier Dalton McGuinty to let him know you support birth centres

On Twitter? Why not send out a tweet showing your support, for example:

@Deb_Matthews looking forward your transformation of #Ontario health care hope to see @ontariomidwives #birthcentres


@Dalton_McGuinty pls bring @ontariomidwives #birthcentres 2 #Ontario cut healthcare costs & provide better care #onpoli

Don't forget to head over to Little Miss Kate's Blog to enter to win an "Ontario Needs Birth Centres Prize Pack (open to residents of Ontario only)

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  1. I was so upset when I couldn't find a birth center in Toronto that would take me. My home was undergoing restorations and banks wouldn't give me loans to finish it on time, so luckily I found bad credit loans Toronto from North Creek Financial Services just so I can have my dream of giving birth away from a hospital. Healthy baby :) and happy mommy.


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