Saturday, January 28, 2012


Did you know Canada.. NOVICA has given artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. I love that NOVICA does not charge artists any fees for listing their items on the website. Artists remain fully independent; they are free to raise their prices, lower their prices, or remove their items from our website, etc..

You will find a huge range of beautiful products from Wool scarves to Wrap Bracelets , Patterned Scarves , their Unique gift section and more, the options are endless and all of them nothing you've ever seen before.

I recently purchased this gorgeous Cotton sling bag, 'Ruby Assam'. Created by Manjuri Hazarika I love how modern this bag is with a cell phone enclosure and so different and unique that there will be no chance anyone else will have one. I think this will be the perfect spring/summer bag, I can't wait to use it!

I was SO impressed with the delivery, it was wrapped beautifully, which I think speaks volumes for the company, I love it when care is taken for shipping. I also received this hand written note, how awesome is that!

NOVICA also has a new service, NOVICA Live - a new gifts and jewelry home party division. Now you can see the products in person, get a feel for the quality and understand the detail involved in each piece. Home parties are such a rage right now, I've host one and been to two in the last 3 months alone! I absolutely would love to attend a NOVICA party, the range of products is just outstanding and there is something for everyone. I'm so impressed with the start costs as well, for only $199, the NOVICA Live start-up kit makes for a smart investment in your new business. The kit includes:

* $400 retail value of sample products
* Over $150 of business and presentation materials
* Your personalized e-commerce website

Great value and would be so unique to your area!

We are so excited to share with our readers a chance to win a $40 Gift Certificate for purchase on!! Enter below for your chance to win!


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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    Sandra Lee

  2. Love the colour of that bag!! It's making me want spring!!

  3. LOVE that bag! It is awesome that they thought of the little touches - it is always nice to get something wrapped up with a bow

  4. Little details show how much care went into delivering your parcel to you. Love it! The bag is really nice too.

  5. Great bag, thank you..

  6. That is one of the most beautiful and unique bags I have ever seen!

  7. Very pretty bag, love the handwritten note, so classy.

  8. i love the bag as I could use a new one chris_pullen at hotmail dot com

  9. February 8--I did not put my link in time for my daily tweet for this Novica Giveaway-el03ro

    The link is:/!/el03ro/status/167249156329582592


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