Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Table Hockey

Did you know Canada.. The first table hockey game was invented in the 1930s by Donald Munro because he could not afford Christmas presents for his children. Made only of wood and scrap metal found in his neighbourhood.

Soon after it became a hit at home, Munro built a handful of these games on consignment for the Baton's department store in Toronto.

These wooden style games were products all the way until 1955!

It's really an end of of era for table hockey as now days many children would rather play video games but these old games continue to be a big collectors item across Canada.


  1. What about air hockey - did that progress from table hockey?

  2. According to Wikipedia: Though similar in concept to air hockey (commonly known as "glide hockey"), table hockey games are more of a simulation of the sport of ice hockey while air hockey is more abstract.

  3. Cool post! Too fun! We've got both table hockey and air hockey at our house. Love coming to your site! I learn something new each time! ;)

  4. I love air hockey, but have never tried table hockey - now I must!

  5. Never tried table hockey but our family loves our Air Hockey table. I actually beat my husband at Air hockey on out first date so it's something special for us.


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