Monday, January 9, 2012

Jack Layton Replacement

Did you know Canada.. tonight NDP members living in the riding of Toronto-Danforth will choose a new candidate to replace the late Jack Layton. Jack had been the MP for Toronto-Danforth for more than seven years.

The five candidates that are up for the nomination are all running for the first time and none are big political players.

The five are..

* Justin Duncan
* Claire Prashaw
* Ashraf Ali Rao
* Craig Scott
* Hanif Shaikh

The nomination meeting is at 7pm tonight at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. Jack Layton's wife, Olivia Chow, and their son Mike Layton, are expected to attend.

Update: Law professor, Craig Scott, was selected last night as the NDP candidate for Toronto-Danforth (Jack Layton's riding).


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted - I love your blog!

  2. Whoever wins the nomination will have huge boots to fill. I will forever miss Jack!


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