Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earth Day Boutique - DK Canada

Did you know Canada..  Our friends at DK Canada have an awesome group of titles perfect for focusing on the Earth and our natural world in their Earth Day Boutique.  Might be a fun idea to have a few on hand for Earth Day as a treat to read by candle light!

My guys have been checking out two books in particular, and they have been big hits!  First let me tell you about this little man, he is a rock collector.  If you open his backpack, coat pocket, pant pocket, peak at the chair he sits in in the car, pretty much ANY WHERE he has been, you will find rocks.  They are all special in some way to him, and goodness help ya if you move any of them.

So I was SO excited to share Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals with him!  This awesome book profiles nearly 200 types of rocks and minerals from volcanic rocks and granite to sparkling diamonds and explosive sulfur, and tells what they are made of, how they are formed and what they are used for.

In easy to understand terms, every page opened up at least a 10 minute discussion, it's been a great experience, and has him planning on being a rock collection with a kit and tools and everything.

We also enjoyed Everything you need to know about Sharks - this beautiful, fully coloured book is full of quick and interesting facts.  My boys are obsessed with numbers right now, so to read things like how the Earth has 369 million trillion gallons of water is really exciting around here!  And what kid wouldn't love to know some fish produce electric discharges that can jolt other fish and humans!

I love the fact that both books contain hundreds of REAL pictures, no drawings or cartoons but real life photographs, giving factual information in a way both kids and adults can enjoy.  They can also easily be read a bit at a time, and won't these be awesome for future school projects??

Two big hits from DK Canada's Earth Day Boutique and I can only imagine how great their other offerings are - and all the books in the Earth Day Boutique are ON SALE!  A great time to share some of these amazing books with your family.

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