Thursday, April 12, 2012

Group Of Five, Four Alive art exhibition

Did you know Canada.. Toronto Representative Faniya went to the Group Of Five, Four Alive art exhibition, see how it went..

Last week I had an opportunity to view the art works of Group Of Five, Four Alive, the Group of five unique and talented artists who presented their first ever group art exhibition at the ARTA Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District.

The exhibition featured works of four contemporary Toronto artists Paul Garbett, Richard Brightling, George Argyropoulos, Elizabeth Hardinge and deceased artist Vince De Vita.

Paul Garbett’s artworks are inspired by nature and human nature, calling attention to the things what we usually do not see or do not want to see because we take them for granted and easily leave behind. Beautiful landscapes, forests, animals, people – beauty of everyday life.

Absolutely amazing industrial style of Richard Brightling who utilizes discarded wood and transforms it into beautiful works of art. From one side I found his works practical, down to earth creative pieces but from other side I feel like trees are talking to viewers about their life, where they came from, forests and wild life they left, people they saw and hands that touched them.

If you look at the George Argyropoulos paintings you can feel a movement in every work, there is no way to stop, people on the pictures are looking at you and they are ready to communicate. Bright colors give you resources to act.

Elizabeth Hardinge creates colourful and full of energy artworks, that take you on a journey to abstracts, real markets or just simple moments . The paintings are asking viewers to pause for a moment, enjoy it and take that feeling with you. I realized that I almost forgot the meanings of dull, unhappy and boring, everything turned to shiny, cheerful and happy.

Another talented artist Vince De Vita was an American who spent most of his creative life in Canada. He worked during the 1930’s and painted a number of works for the Canadian Government to promote the attractions of Canada. He also commissioned some members of The Group of Seven and many other local artists. His works filled with colors, life and energy.

Incredible story of De Vita’s paintings which were discovered in the attic of a Rosedale residence in the 90’s and then restored by Richard Brightling. To see them on display after 70 years with other passionate artworks was an unforgettable experience, this unique collaboration of past and present.

The exhibition will continue at the ARTA Gallery till April 17, 2012, for more information please visit

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