Monday, April 30, 2012

Take back simple moments with Ivory Canada

Did you know Canada.. we have some interesting facts to share with you thanks to Ivory Canada.

Did you know that over 40 per cent of Canadians lack time in their lives to enjoy what’s most important to them? To celebrate the relaunch of the Ivory brand in Canada, they surveyed Canadians asking them which tasks make their lives the most complicated and here’s what they said:

* Financial management/budgeting (44 per cent)
* Household chores (41 per cent)
* Preparing meals (28 per cent)

Ivory Canada is encouraging Canadians to take back simple moments and enjoy what’s most important in life with the relaunch of its basic line up of soaps and body washes.

My simple moments are a bubble bath and a good book. Ivory provided the best body washes for me to try out - they can double as bubble bath too, and they are luscious and smell beautiful (have you checked out their Waterlily scent yet?). My favourite read at the moment is the Game of Thrones series, I'm on Book four - it's so good!! So is the TV Show :-)

I love that Ivory Canada is doing this, with a formula that is 99.4 per cent pure, Ivory stands for all things pure, clean and simple. Canadians can enjoy Ivory’s basic line up of bar soaps in Simply Ivory and Aloe, and body washes in Lavender, Aloe, Waterlily and Simply Ivory plus liquid hand soap in Simply Ivory. Visit their Facebook page to learn more!

We are so happy to share a fabulous giveaway with our readers as well, so you can enjoy your own simple moments.  Enter below for your chance to win 2 bottles of body wash in each scent -  Lavender, Aloe, Waterlily and Simply Ivory plus a loufa!

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