Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Group of Five, Four Alive

Did you know Canada.. Toronto Representative Faniya has another fantastic event this week, find out where she is heading next..


This Thursday I am very excited to attend the first Group of Five, Four Alive art exhibition featuring works from Toronto artists, Paul Garbett, Richard Brightling, George Argyropoulos, Elizabeth Hardinge and deceased artist Vince De Vita. It is the exclusive opportunity to view the works of four Canadian contemporary artists who have collaborated with Vince De Vita to create the Group of Five, Four Alive.

Vince De Vita was a fine artist who worked in oil on panel during the 1930’s. He also commissioned many local artists, including some members of The Group of Seven, and painted a number of works for the Canadian Government promoting the attractions of Canada. And 70 years later Vince De Vita’s paintings were discovered and restored by Richard Brightling.

The Group will present their first art exhibition at the ARTA Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District, featuring a variety of contemporary art styles in wood, wax, oil and oil on panel. I will report back to Did you know Canada? from this exclusive art event and share my views on Group of Five, Four Alive works of art.

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