Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teaching Your Kids How To Use Technology

Did you know Canada..  we have some great info to share with you about kiddos and technology.

Parents with children need to understand that a child needs to be familiar with technology in this day and age.  If you have kids, it is likely that they know almost as much as you do about the computer, like my guys - they learn quickly! It is vital that parents take the time to teach their kids about computers, smartphones, iPods, eReaders and other devices. If they don’t learn from you more than likely they will learn at school or from their friends.  Knowing how to work technology isn't the only thing a child needs to learn about it.  They need to know the tech environment, become invested in advancements and why technology is the way it is. 
One device that a child needs to learn how to use is the Dell computer.  These computers are perfect for a child to go online, type in software programs and listen to music; that's just a taste of what it is able to do.    They have desktops, laptops, gaming systems, netbooks and more.  Parents are the perfect resource for teaching your kiddos to use computers, like Dell PCs correctly, get the most out of it and how to be safe and secure while being online. 

As with many things, the best teaching method is experience.  Let your child discover things for themselves.  But at the same time it's important to instil safety measures online, for both viruses and meeting people.  Eventually it will become second nature to them. 

Children are curious and they want to learn things at a faster pace than what most parents teach. Fortunately there are so many wonderful “Apps” out there that you can download to help your kids learn. The downside to all this can be obsession and addiction though. It is important that you do work hard to help your kids understand that outdoor play and playing with friends is important to their social and emotional development.

To ensure your children’s safety with the different forms of technology, supervise the child and answer any question they may have until they have mastered it.  With supervision the child can build confidence to use the device correctly without supervision (eventually).  Their curiosity will be piqued to develop new features mentally to improve the system.  This encouragement is how technology as a whole becomes more advanced.  In addition to curiosity and confidence the child is free to be creative.  They are free to express themselves by having the device catered to their style and tastes.  This will lead to positive growth.  The one thing a child should take away from this experience is that technology serves a purpose and it should be used for that purpose only.

What a parent should not do is shield the child from technology.  In a world where a person wants to fit into society not teaching them technology will create the opposite effect.  It can damage a child's morale.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

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