Thursday, April 26, 2012

Story of the Titanic

Did you know Canada.. we LOVE to read books from DK Canada, they have the most beautiful books I have ever seen. Always filled with photos, great colours, easy to read information, it's unbelievable.

Well, you will not believe what they've come out with now - The Story of the Titanic for the iPad!!

DK Canada's Amazing New Illustrated eBooks are just to die for. We've been checking out the Story of the Titanic - you truly experience the history of the Titanic like never before.

I am a huge Titanic fan, I saw the movie so many times, have watched all the documentaries, it such a great piece of history. But this, this amazing book, provides more information than you could ever imagine, and it's exactly what people like me want to know.

You get to explore it all with a 3-D model of the Titanic, watch newsreel footage documenting the Titanic being built, the ship's launch, and relatives waiting for news of the survivors. There is a really cool magnifying option that lets you zoom right in on the action. I loved the Can You Spot? games - I think this would be the perfect learning tool for the next generation.

It takes you through how the ship was built, the voyage - how life was on the ship and then the tragic hit, and the aftermath - not only to the boat but for the passengers as well.

While I would love a hard copy of the book as well to browse and flip through when the kids steal the iPad, this is WELL worth the $4.99 and something the whole family can enjoy!

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