Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Did you know Canada..  we've heard about an awesome new website for Moms and Dads - BarterParent.com.

BarterParent is a classifieds site where you list products such as baby, maternity, children's clothing, sports gear and more.  These get seen by parents all over North America - then you can sell your products, or maybe make a trade, barter however works best for you!

I love that you are not limited to your city, or have to sit around waiting at home for someone that MIGHT show up and MIGHT want to buy what you have.  This way you have access to all of North America and you are just one trip to the post office away.

Great news too, Everyone who registers and posts at least one ad by Monday, July 9th at 9amEST, will be entered to WIN a $ 100 gift certificate at onsgear.com. It's BaterParents way of saying THANK YOU for support and for helping to populate this new site with ads.

So head over to BarterParent.com today, register, list some great products another little one can enjoy, or post wanted ads for things you need.

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