Thursday, July 5, 2012


Did you know Canada..  it's time to put a Twist in your snack routine!

We've been trying the new Twistos by PepsiCo Canada and they are awesome!  Coming in 3 flavours..

* Parmesan & Garlic
* Bruschetta
* Asiago

I thought the flavours were very adult, but the kids love these too!  The family favourite is the Asiago, I think both the Asiago and Parmesan & Garlic would go great with salads and dips, the Brushchetta is yummy on it's own.  I bet they would also be fantastic in soups this coming fall, the possibilities are endless!

These are the perfect treat to have our at all your BBQs this summer, a yummy snack to take to work and more.  Available across the country, I've already seen people picking them up at our local grocery store, you gotta try them!

Have you had them yet?  What's your favourite flavour??

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