Friday, July 13, 2012

New Mom Study

Did you know Canada.. I'm a work at home Mom. Not only do I run Did you know Canada?, co-author Canadian Moms Cook, and write a weekly article for, I'm also a developer, otherwise known as a computer programmer. I work for a local company, but do my work at home, mostly at night and on the weekend. It's a busy life with twin boys, especially in the summer, but I love it.

Our friends at Citizen Optimum have been working on a really amazing mom study and they just launched the first phase results.

The goal of the study was to look at the mom market by uncovering new, unusually revealing insights about Canadian moms that go beyond the conventional wisdom of purchasing power. This was done through looking at working versus stay-at-home moms and how they self identify, the kind of experiences that characterize their lives, why they make the choices they do and what they value when it comes to indulging themselves.

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