Friday, July 6, 2012

National Fishing Week

Did you know Canada..  National Fishing Week starting tomorrow!  Running July 7 - 15, this week is to encourage more Canadians to experience recreational fishing.

In Ontario you don't even need a licence to fish this week, check the National Fishing Week website for info on licence free days in other provinces.

We love fishing here, have gone many times during camping and cottage trips.  I fabulous way to spend time together as a family, learning some new skills, and enjoy some of Canada's natural beauty!

According to the National Fishing Week website: Outdoor organizations, government resource agencies, tackle retailers and volunteers are preparing to host hundreds of events in almost every province and territory. Clinics, seminars, tournaments, interpretive classes, retail sales and derbies are being held in over 100 communities across the country.

Who's getting out to fish this week??

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