Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cover Challenge

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Rep Teena has some awesome info for us..

Have you heard about the Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cover Challenge?

I was invited to give you the scoop and received this cool kit of goodies (the cans are in the fridge getting a chill ... I can't wait to try 'em!).

Canadian Club Mixed & Ready is reinventing their classic whisky with a mix of Cola and Ginger Ale to create a new refreshing experience.

Now they want bands to do the same by reinventing an original Canadian song by adding their unique sound and style to create something new!

What's at stake ...
  • Three demo songs recorded, mixed and mastered in Toronto 
  • $3000 for transit to Toronto or gear
Are you ready for the challenge??
  1. 1. Choose one of the songs below and make it your own. 
  2. 2. Enter your band’s cover here
  3. 3. Share your entries with friends to collect votes (voters have the chance of winning one of two  Ticketmaster gift cards ~ valued at $3000)
The eligible songs are ...

The key dates ...
  • * Submission deadline: August 27, 2012 
  • *  Judging phase: August 27 - September 10, 2012 (by both Facebook votes and the Canadian Club Mixed & Ready judging panel)
  • *  Winner contacted: September 13, 2012
Good luck!

Teena in Toronto

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