Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hasbro - Stocking Stuffers

Did you know Canada..  I have my big shopping done, but now using this week to gather all the stocking stuffers, how about you?

This year we are going very low on snacks and candy and instead going with fun little toys, games and other items that can be used all year long.  Not only does this cut back on sugar, it cuts back on the candy we have sitting around the house and gives the kids even more to play with post Christmas.

Hasbro Canada has some fantastic products that are stocking size and provide hours of fun, here's a couple of our favourite..

Play-doh is number one on my list.  Hasbro has a fun set shaped like a candy cane, with a great range of colours that my guys love.  Playdoh is hours and hours of fun, leads to imagnative play and ideas, and a pretty easy clean up too.

Beyblades are something popular at the boys school but not something we've gotten into yet.  So they were so excited to receive a Basic Battle Top, and it's been spinning around my kitchen for hours. ;-)  We got some for the boys stockings so they have a few to play with, these are actually pretty fun!

Barrel of Monkeys is a fun one from our own childhood, great not only for play, but it takes skill and patience to get past the first couple monkeys!  Fun for the whole family to challenge each other.

For our new little one on the way I love the Sesame Street Mini Plush, they are a great size (not tooooo small), cozy and sweet.

Some more great ideas are KRE-O TRA KREON mirco-changers, card games like Battleship Hidden Threat and Monopoly Millionaire - Hasbro Canada has tons of great options!

What's in your stockings this year??

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